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the borough

This project is maturing out of my final degree project. I am exploring the architecture of coastal towns.

The vernacular of the built landscape changes within a few streets of the promenade, owing to the redevelopment of these towns that turned them into 'resorts' in Victorian times, and their gradual decline back to becoming a 'normal town' in the last decades of the 20th century.

The opening shot in the gallery was selected as a finalist in the Royal Photographic Society's International Print Exhibition #158 and is touring the UK during 2015 & 2016

This project is mostly being shot on large format film, although there are planning shots included in this edit that have been captured using digital or medium format film.

Coney towards Freedom
Coney Island Boardwalk
Coney Island Beach
Members Only
Park Court
St Edmunds Road
Langer Road
Manor Terrace
Pier Gap (West)
Pier Gap (East)
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